Marie Sasagawa Attorney at Law


Tokyo University Faculty of Law
Member, Tokyo Bar Association


Career highlights

2007       Member, Tokyo Bar Association

2009       Representative, Japan Federation of Bar Associations

              Representative, Tokyo Bar Association Steering Committee

2010       Executive director, Japan Association of Medical Malpractice Lawyers

2011       Executive director, Tokyo Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights
              Research Associate, Grievance Settlement Committee for Gender Equality
             (for Toshima City, Tokyo Metropolitan District

2012      Bankruptcy Trustee, Tokyo District Court

2015      Member, Grievance Settlement Committee for Gender Equality
             (for Toshima City, Tokyo Metropolitan District)       


Other Professional titles

Member, Tokyo Bar Association Committee on Gender Equality 

Recent publications

"The disappearance and death by fall of a patient admitted to hospital -- prediction, preventative measures, search and facility management responsibilities -- from a recent trial case.” DOCTOR'S MAGAZINE, January 2013, Vol. No. 118. (in Japanese)

“Responsibility to confirm blood flow, to investigate and to secure informed consent in a case of a cranionectomy for aneurysm clipping surgery for an unruptured cranial aneurysm.”  DOCTOR'S MAGAZINE, February 2014, Vol. No. 131. (in Japanese)

"Limits of discretionary action in the case of a meningioma excision surgery.” DOCTOR'S MAGAZINE,  April 2015, Vol. No. 145. (in Japanese)


International volunteering

Worked for 6 months as an Intern at United Nations High Commission for Refugees 


        Japanese, English  

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