How to Contact us

How to Contact us

Please contact us by the following form, E-mail, or telephone call.

Please kindly note that generally we do not accept client visitation without prior appointment due to security reason. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



How to apply a consultation

Please refer as follows; how to apply a consultation with our firm, consultation fee, etc.

If you do not reside near Tokyo area or live overseas, we are available for telephone or Skype consultation (payment in advance). So please request us through the inquiry form or E-mail.


 Fill out the Inquiry form.

 We will reply within 2 business days and inform you of the consultation schedule.

*If you are not able to find our reply in your inbox, please kindly check your spam or junk mail folder. We were reported that some of our emails ended up into spam folder.

If you are using domain-specific reception, please kindly add “” to your list of approved domains.


 Your reservation will be confirmed by your reply within 2 days from our confirmation mail. 

     Cancellation without any prior notice will be subject to a cancellation fee.

 Bring your estimated consultation fee by cash. If you have your own name signet (stamp) bring it with you.

Consultation Fee

First time Second time and more
for Individuals

5,500yen per 30minutes

After 30minutes,additional 
5,500yen per 30minutes

11,000yen per 30minutes

After 30minutes,additional 
11,000yen per 30minutes

for Companies 

11,000yen per 30minutes

After 30minutes,additional 
11,000yen per 30minutes

22,000yen per 30minutes

After 30minutes,additional 
22,000yen per 30minutes


If you are using domain-specific reception for anti-spam purpose, please kindly add “” to your list of approved domains.

Inquiry form

Name (full name)(必須)

(e.g:Masayuki Honda)
Company name

(e.g: Honda Company)
Counter party's name*(必須)
e-mail address(必須)

e-mail address(confirmation)

Tel/Mobile number

※2500 文字以内でお願いします
How did you know our firm?

Please completely fill out all necessary information on the following inquiry form and click the submit button.
*Please make sure you put the counter party's name in case of family matter and civil case. If you do not know the name, please write "unknown".

Please avoid to double click the submit button, until the new page comes up.(It will take 4-5 seconds to proceed.)
If there is any trouble to submit the form, please contact us by emails. We appreciate your cooperation.

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