The fees depend on the difficulty of each individual caseThe following fees are by standard. We will explain your estimated fee during the consultation.

There is no difference between foreigner’s case and domestic case. No additional cost will be charged for English translation, with the exception of documents that involve difficult terminology such as complex medical terms.

Please consult us if you are in difficult economical situation.


※  Following fees are Japanese payment system (paying intial fee in the beginning and contingent fee after the case finished) but you can also use Time Charge system. Please request us directly if you would like to use time charge system.


※   The real expenses will be added to the following fees (around 10,000yen).

※   If the case takes more than 6months, we may charge the mid-term retainer fee before finishing the case. Please contact us for further information.

※ In case you reside outside Japan, consumption tax will not be charged.

(Fee schedules are revised in January 2016)

International Divorce and Family Issue

Negotiation outside of the court/ Family court Mediation

Initial (Retainer) fee 440,000yen~
Contingency fee  440,000yen~

*If client made a mutual agreement prior to the mediation court, and such mediation court would be finalized by one time session, Retainer fee and contingency fee would be discounted as 330,000 yen~ (Total 660,000 yen~). For more details of this discount, please contact us.  


Family court Trial/ Family court Litigation

(in case you have already retained us from negotiation/mediation stage, the initial fee for trial/litigation stagewill be 110,000yen.)

Initial (Retainer) fee 550,000yen~
Contingency fee 550,000yen~


If the each case takes more than 6 months, mid-term retainer fee of 110,000 yen would be charged (for each case). The same amount (110,000 yen) would be added to the contingency fee.


 Fees for Marriage fee and Child support fee case would be discounted.
   Please contact us for further detail.

If the point of dispute is related to distribution of the property (divisional property case, claiming compensation case), we may charge extra fee which is explained in the calculation chart. Please contact us for further information.

International Inheritance

Division of Inherited Property

Initial (Retainer) and Contingent fee…Calculate by the chart

We will explain your estimated initial fee at the consultation, and after the case finished, we will calculate our total fee and balance by the contingent fee.

Making Will/Execution of Will

  Making Will 

  Legal Service Fee 220,000yen~


  Execution of Will

  2%~ of the Inherited property's amount 

 (Minimum charge 440,000 yen) 

If the execution contains disposing of real estate and other important property, fee  structure would be different. Please contact us for a quotation. 

International Litigation

Represent the lawsuit(Civil Case)/Collection of Debts/ Claiming Compensation

Initial (Retainer)・Contingent fees …Calculate by under mentioned chart


We will explain your estimated initial fee at the consultation, and after the case finished, we will calculate our total fee and balance by the contingent fee.


General Corporate

General Corporate service takes a flat monthly fee system.

We provide clients choices of price which is proportional to the number of times clients can use our service per month.

Please contact us for further information.

Legal Advise Service  Free legal consultation (fixed number of the time/month)
Brief research
Making and checking Contract

Discount for lawyer's fee, if you retain us for legal dispute, during the legal advice service is contracted.  

Advice for Company

   33,000〜110,000yen / month


Advice for Individual

   22,000〜55,000yen / month

Immigration Service

We would charge Legal Service fee only at the beginning of the case.

Visa Application/Special Permission to Stay in Japan

Permanent Residency VisaChanging Status of Residency

Lawyer's Fee (Payment in advance)



Administrative Litigation against Immigration procedure

Lawyer's Fee(Payment in advance)


Other Services

Bankruptcy/Settlement of debts


Incorporation of the Company


Criminal Case

before indictment
after indictment
Contingent Fee Generally 
Same amount as Initial Fee


Trial by lay judges case

Initial(Retainer)Fee         550,000yen〜
Contingent Fee Generally 
Same amount as Initial Fee

If the suspected person denied the guilty, or claiming inocent, we would charge extra   fees depending on difficulties.

Calculate by JFBA Standard Chart

Standard price of the economic value rate

Please refer this standard prices calculated by the economic value. This standard used to be adopted by Japan Federal Bar Association.

■Initial(Retainer) Fee

Initial (retainers) fee is a fee paid when you retain attorney and begin the case.

Retainers fee is calculated based on an estimate amount of the economic value that client could gain by attorney’s work.

■Contingent Fee

Amount of economic value

Initial fee

Contingent fee



(in case the expected amount is 3Myen)




From 3,000,000yen to 30,000,000yen




From 30,000,000yen to 300,000,000yen




Above 300,000,000yen




※consumption tax  will be add to the calculated amount.


Example for calculation

The case finished with your getting 5,000,000yen (economic value) and you already paid initial fee of 330,000yen in the beginning:


For 3,000,000yen economic value: initial fee 8% + contingent fee 16% (total 24%)=720,000yen


Rest of 2,000,000yen economic value: initial fee 5% + contingent fee 10% (total 15%)=300,000yen


1,020,000yen +Consumption tax (10%)= 1,122,000yen is the total fee

1,122,000yen – 330,000yen (you have already paid) = 792,000yen


Contingent fee 792,000yen is the amount you have to pay when the case finished.

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