The fees depend on the difficulty of each caseThe following fees are standards. We will explain your estimated fee at the consultation.

There is no difference between foreigner’s case and domestic case. You do not have to pay the interpreter’s fee and translator’s fee for English. (Except especially difficult document includes lots legal or medical technical terms)

Please consult us if you are in difficult economical situation.


※  Following fees are Japanese payment system. (Paying intial fee at the beginning and paying contingent fee after the case finished) but you can also use Time Charge system. Please request us directly if you would like to use time charge system.


※   The real expenses will be adding to the following fees (around 10,000yen).

※   If the case takes more than 1 year, we may charge the mid-initial fee before finishing the case. Please contact us for further information.

(Fee schedules are revised in January 2016)

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