International Divorce and Family Issue

Negotiation outside of the court/ Family court Mediation

Initial (Retainer) fee 440,000yen~
Contingency fee  440,000yen~

*If client made a mutual agreement prior to the mediation court, and such mediation court would be finalized by one time session, Retainer fee and contingency fee would be discounted as 330,000 yen~ (Total 660,000 yen~). For more details of this discount, please contact us.  


Family court Trial/ Family court Litigation

(in case you have already retained us from negotiation/mediation stage, the initial fee for trial/litigation stagewill be 110,000yen.)

Initial (Retainer) fee 550,000yen~
Contingency fee 550,000yen~


If the each case takes more than 6 months, mid-term retainer fee of 110,000 yen would be charged (for each case). The same amount (110,000 yen) would be added to the contingency fee.


 Fees for Marriage fee and Child support fee case would be discounted.
   Please contact us for further detail.

If the point of dispute is related to distribution of the property (divisional property case, claiming compensation case), we may charge extra fee which is explained in the calculation chart. Please contact us for further information.

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