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The Masayuki Honda International Law Office, LPC have a deep concern for the protection of our clients' personal information. We endeavour to safely collect, use, and manage personal information in a socially responsible manner. We have devised regulations based on the following personal information protection policy and make every effort to abide by them.
1.Collection of Personal Information
We collect only necessary personal information from our clients by explaining the purpose of its use and by obtaining agreements from our clients.
2.Use of Personal Information 
We use our clients’ personal information based on a specific purpose, which we explain when such information is collected.
3.Safely Management
We manage our clients’ personal information and provide solid protection to prevent unlawful computer access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.
4.Consignment of Personal Information
If we consign clients' personal information to an outside company for appropriate purposes, we will supervise the consigned company to strictly manage all personal information.
5.Limitation of Providing Private Information to Third Parties
We never provide or disclose our client’s personal information without consent from our clients except in compliance with applicable laws.
6.Discloser and Revise of Personal Information

We will take prompt action, upon a customer’s request, to review or revise personal information, if the request is reasonable and necessary.

Please contact us as below.

Masayuki Honda International Law Office, LPC

TEL  81-3-6455-1273  FAX  81-3-6455-1274


7.Maintaining Accuracy

We provide appropriate measures to keep our clients' personal information accurate and up to date.

8.Change of The Policy

The contents of this policy may change. After the changement, new policy will be valid when it is uploaded to this Website, except any of our regulations specifically provided regarding changement.  

 Enactment Date:March 31st 2010
Last Revised Date:July 1st 2016

Masayuki Honda International Law Office, LPC

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